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As a member of the Florida Realtors®, you are entitled to many exclusive benefits, services and programs.

Whether you're newly licensed, new to Florida Realtors® or new to management, we have the advice and tools you need to succeed.

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Florida Realtors® Headquarters - Orlando: (407) 438-1400
Office of Public Policy - Tallahassee: (850) 224-1400

Florida Realtors® Legal Hotline
At no charge, FAR members may speak with an attorney on a range of topics including licensing, contracts and landlord/tenant matters. Call  407.438.1409.

Florida Realtors® Legal Action Fund
The Legal Action Fund of the Florida Realtors® is available to support members, local Realtor Boards/Associations or those persons involved in litigation that has significance to Realtors and Realtor-Associates® as a class, private property rights, or the real estate industry as a whole. Cases shall be limited to those based on points of law and not on factual issues. The Legal Action Fund is administered by the Legal Action Fund Committee within approved guidelines and procedures.

What is procuring cause?

Procuring cause is defined in the "National Association of Realtors' (NAR) Arbitration Manual" as "The uninterrupted series of causal events that result in the successful transaction." Or, as some real estate attorneys have finessed it: "The direct origination of a series of events which, if followed through without a break in continuity, results in a sale (lease) upon terms acceptable to the seller (landlord)."